Tom O’Bryan DC, CCN, DACBN


An infrared sauna is a special type of sauna that basically uses light to create heat. You might also hear them called far-infrared because far describes where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. It’s on the same wavelength of light that gives life to the entire plant kingdom! Far infrared rays are the most vital to health and healing.


Far infrared rays also stimulate endorphins (the happy brain hormones!), kill bad bacteria and parasites and most importantly, penetrate into the body to detoxify cells.

Far infrared is also the same type of heat produced by the sun, but without any of the negative effects of solar radiation.


It’s like being in your own box of healing sunshine without all the harmful radiation! In fact, there’s evidence that this type of light is actually the antidote to excess ultraviolet and EMF radiation.


It’s even been shown to heal sun damaged skin, including wrinkles and fine lines!




The others



40 years

If they stretch the truth on how long they’ve been in business, what else are they stretching?  In this business you need experience, most don't have.

Why would you chose any other brand?  Health Mate™ is the creator of infrared saunas, with 40 years of experience under our belt.

They just make it up

Proven Heaters

Carbon wave, Tru wave, 360 wave, green wave, nano carbon...the list could go on.  All coming from the same factories no matter how slick the name.  Just remember, anyone that lacks integrity can make up a fancy name.

Infrared Food Lamps

True Full Spectrum

Many brands would lead you to believe using infrared food lamps is new technology that changes the industry.  Truth is, it's been used to warm your food for decades.  We are not food.

Beneficial red light therapy using state of the art LED lights that produce healing near infrared.  Coupled with our dual wave Tecoloy™ heaters you have true full spectrum.

Unknown Wood

Western Red Cedar

Not verified.  Rejected planks. "C" grade lumber. Sourced from unverifiable mills.  Hemlock stained and sold as cedar.  Who knows what you are getting and how safe it is.

100% PEFC™ Western Red Cedar,  "A" grade planks.  Hand picked. Verifiable chain of custody.  Verifiable mills.  Health Mate's wood in undeniably the best and safest in the business.

All Glass Front

Enclosed Front

Looks good.  Terrible idea. You lose 25% of beneficial infrared rays and 40% therapeutic heat through the glass.  Why pay more for less benefit?

Retain 95% of the health benefits of using your Health Mate.  Mirrored glass utilizing the bounce affect.  Enclosed door for optimal heat retention.

Low Quality

Top of Line

Low quality.  Poor durability under heat stress.   LCD screens with high failure rate with outrageously high EMF ratings.

No thanks.

US Patent number US6965097B2. Extremely low EMF.  Touch sensitive. Highly durable under heat stress.  Long lasting. Reservation mode.

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