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From now through Jan. 13th, get any sauna from the Renew series and you’ll recieve up to $1,000 OFF as well as a FREE massage gun to start your 2022 off right.

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link to renew 2 pageWant to sweat fast? The Enrich series will do just that. With the intent of improving perfection the Enrich series has captured the heart and imagination of the industry. By using the only UL Listed heaters Health Mate has once again raised the standards beyond therapeutic and performance to a committed focus on consumer safety and a stellar return on investment. View Enrich details



link to renew 2 pageWant to sweat fast with two levels? The elevated health will allow just that. Our unique bi-level sauna is perfect for multiple people to enjoy the sauna at the same time. With two rows of bench seating, a couple can recline alone on each level or enjoy the sauna with your entire family. There’s no other infrared sauna like the elevated health by Health Mate. View Restore details



link to renew 2 pageWant to sweat fast with our new Inspire Series? The Inspire will do just that. With the intent of improving perfection from our Enrich series we welcome the Inspire. New and Innovative Inspire has captured the heart and imagination of the industry. Health Mate has created the sauna of the century with its new technology, and implementing its new application. View Inspire details

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full spectrum

Confused About Full Spectrum?

Let the industry creator educate you. Not all full spectrum saunas are the same. See what makes Health Mate better.

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Invest Wisely.

Saunas are 80% wood.

Health Mate™ owns the factory, sources its own natural, whole wood, which is 100% green and toxic-free like nature intended.

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Health Mate™ Reviews
40 Years of positive reviews!

“Best Sauna Out There.”

"Research all you want but if you want the best sauna out there you will get a Health Mate. Trust me I literally spent months researching and taking up precious time reading all the sales pitches. In the end I chose the company who created the infrared sauna. And I am 120% satisfied with my decision. In fact I’ve told half a dozen friends about them. The heat this thing pumps out is far better than any sauna I’ve sat in. My arthritis is fading with every use and that’s huge for me. Health Mate is the brand. Buy it."



“Holy Sweat!”

"I have a hard time breaking a sweat in most of the infrared saunas I’ve tried. I purchased a Health Mate because my Doctor recommended it. He’s owned a Health Mate for over 20 years. Wow! Holy sweat pouring out of me. I didn’t think it was possible for me to sweat like I did in this sauna. I came out looking like I took a swim. My fibromyalgia and arthritis is retreating with every session. I can tell you one thing, my wife knows the days I don’t use my Health Mate. I should have purchased one years ago. If you’re in the market, Health Mate is the brand to buy."



“Thank you.”

"From start to finish Health Mate was amazing. True educators in the sauna business. My husband and I were so confused and torn between so many companies. Everyone had their pitch and some called me more than debt collectors. In the end I chose Health Mate and couldn’t be happier. When they say you sweat and you sweat fast they are not kidding. I tried a different brand locally and the difference is night and day. Thank you Health Mate. We are getting our sweat on."

Geraldine G.

Lyme Disease

Doctor & Expert Recommendations
michael einsohn
Dr. Michael Einsohn
Thermography Center of Dallas
john fitzgerald
Dr. John Fitzgerald
Doctor of Chiropractic Blood Chemistry Analysis Pain Relief
leigh erin connealy
Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
Medical Director of Cancer Center For Healing
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