Why Health Mate?

The First Infrared Sauna
Our History.
We introduced the First Infrared Sauna 40 Years Ago.

Health Mate was first to produce an infrared sauna in 1979. Our past is rich with achievements and advancements. Every day Health Mate strives to offer infrared saunas utilizing the wealth of 40 years of experience. Health Mate owns it’s own factory, sources it’s own wood and is the only brand with a UL listed heater. Health Mate should be your first and last stop when shopping for an infrared sauna.

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health mate
health mate
health mate
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healthmate sauna
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The Factory. We Own the Factory.
Manufacturing for 40 Years.

No other brand can make the same claim. Health Mate has been building infrared saunas longer than anyone else. In fact, Health Mate was and still is an OEM manufacturer for many of the same brands you have most likely looked into. Our factory is over 250,000 square feet and is capable of producing over 2,000 infrared saunas per month. Since our inception in 1979 Health Mate has produced over 200,000 infrared saunas.

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Five-Stage Quality Control.

Many manufacturers are lucky to have one stage of quality control, Health Mate has five. With 40 years experience building infrared saunas we have made many advancements in manufacturing, one of which is quality control.

With fives stages of quality control you can rest assured the sauna you purchase will be free of defects or malfunctioning components. There’s no other sauna brand that is more confident than us when it comes to quality control. 40 years will have that affect.

The Warranty.
Setting the Standard in Ethics

Almost all infrared sauna brands offer a limited lifetime warranty… have you read the fine print? Health Mate feels this type of marketing is disingenuous and slimy.

What’s a “lifetime warranty” really worth if you exclude everything?

The chances of you experiencing a defect in workmanship or manufacturing after 1 year is almost impossible based on the vernacular most brands use when offering a lifetime warranty.

40 year history

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

There’s no infrared sauna brand in the business that offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on their infrared heaters. Health Mate does. We guarantee our Tecoloy™ heaters for a lifetime, no questions asked. For 40 years we have had less than a 0.10% failure rate. Infrared heaters are the second highest cost component in an infrared sauna. Don’t be fooled by “limited” lifetime warranties that restrict everything and replacement parts cost a fortune. Health Mate offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on Tecoloy™ heaters. Tecoloy™ heaters are also the only heater in the industry that are UL listed. There’s no other heater or brand that can make this claim. Underwriter Laboratories is the largest and most trusted safety company in the world.
40 year history 40 year history

Western Red Canadian Cedar

Health Mate’s Western Red Canadian Cedar will last a lifetime if properly cared for. We have many 40 year old saunas still owned by customers and the wood looks as good as the day it was delivered. We source from the best mills, use vertical cut lumber, kiln dry to 6% moisture and are proud members of PEFC™. We don’t cut costs like many other brands. While we only offer a strait 5 year warranty on wood you can expect it to last a lifetime. Wood is the highest cost component of an infrared sauna. Invest wisely. Too many brands are using low budget mills. This wood tends to warp, bend and crack very easily. Health Mate stands by it’s commitment to offer the highest grade wood cabins in the entire industry.
40 year history

Power Supply & Controllers

Advancements. Health Mate has been making power supplies and controllers for 40 years, the lessons learned that plague new manufacturers are behind us. When it comes to powering a 1800+ watt infrared sauna, experience matters. Our power supplies have two levels of protection; breaker and high limit. No other brand in the industry makes a power supply as long lasting and safe as Health Mate.
Sauna Certifications.
Providing the Industry Standard.
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No other brand comes close to the certifications Health Mate holds. This includes our commitment to Promoting Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC). Health Mate is the world’s top selling brand for a reason. Your new Health Mate infrared sauna is built to be the best.
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