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Dr. Tom O'Bryan

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Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

  • Sweating toxins out of the body and cellular health.
  • Skin, nails & hair health (usually people who struggle with some form of thyroid dysfunction lose their hair, nails are brittle and have skin troubles)
  • Weight-loss
  • Blood pressure lowering
  • Better Circulation

Mind, Body & Spirit

The benefits of infrared therapy have been extensively researched for over 40 years. While the practice of sauna usage dates back before the 16th century, infrared saunas now provide the same health and beauty benefits, with a more comfortable and relaxing environment. From pain relief to beauty indulgences, feel the power of infrared sauna benefits.

Gain the Knowledge to Make the Best Decision

As the original the creators of infrared saunas, no one else has the wealth of knowledge we do. From heater materials, to types of infrared wavelengths, to EMF facts, we can help you find the best sauna for your needs.

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Sauna Lines That Fit Your Lifestyle

Enrich Series

Want to sweat fast?  The Enrich series will do just that.  With the intent of improving perfection the Enrich series has captured the heart and imagination of the industry.

Enrich 2

Enrich Corner

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Special Pricing

Enrich 3







In the market space for quality and affordability?  The Renew by Health Mate sauna achieves both.

Renew Series

Renew 1

Renew 3

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Special Pricing

Renew 2







Restore Series

Want to sweat fast with two levels?  The elevated health will allow just that.  Our unique bi-level sauna is perfect for multiple people.

Therapy Lounge

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Special Pricing

Elevated Health





Essential Lounge

In the market space for quality, affordability and portable? The Essential Lounge half sauna achieves it all. 

Essential Lounge

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Special Pricing



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