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Dr. Z and Mamma Z are proud to offer our followers a special gift from the best infrared sauna company in the business, Health Mate Sauna.





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Dr. Z & Mama Z 


$350 Value

Dr. Z Approved 

Aromatherapy Cup

$60 Value

Cedar Backrest

$70 Value

We absolutely love Health Mate infrared saunas. After searching for many years, we can say Health Mate produces the best infrared sauna on the market. From the luxury Western Canadian Red Cedar to the amazing benefits of their patented Tecoloy™ infrared heaters. You won’t find a better infrared sauna on the market today.

Enjoy FREE shipping, Dr. Z approved aromatherapy cup and a free backrest as part of our negotiated deal with Health Mate Sauna. Dr. Z & MAMA Z

Dr. Z & Mama Z 

Love The Health Mate Story 

Mama Z and I searched and searched for the best infrared sauna on the market. We kept coming back to Health Mate sauna as we fell in love with their story and products. They are the only infrared sauna manufacturer that truly cares about the quality and materials that go into their saunas.  From being mill verified to sourcing their own trees, to owning their own factory, you can rest assured your new Health Mate Sauna is built with the highest quality materials available.  

We've tried many brands and the only brand that Mama Z and I could truly sweat in was a Health Mate Sauna.  

We love our Enrich 3

Mama Z and I wanted a size that wasn't too big but one that we could sprawl out in or even have one of our children in with us. The Enrich 3 full spectrum was our top choice.  

The Enrich 3 is absolutely amazing, roomy and just gorgeous.  Best of all we actually sweat in this sauna.  Not just a little but profusely.   And we don't have to wait an hour to do so.  

We know there are plenty of options out there but none come close to the Enrich by Health Mate, believe us, we tested many.  

Enjoy you new Health Mate and free gifts, you absolutely deserve it.  

Get Dr. Z exclusive pricing 

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Enrich 3 

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