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Is it safe to install my sauna on a carpeted floor?

Yes. There is no significant heat transferred to the outside of the sauna.

My new sauna came with a special wall receptacle to plug it into. is there anything else I need to do besides replace one of my wall outlets with this receptacle?

Yes. The ASE-3 and CSE-3 require a 20-amp line. Besides using the 20-amp receptacle provided, you must make sure that the circuit breaker for this line is rated at least 20-amps, and that the wiring from the breaker box to this outlet is rated for 20-amps (12-guage or heavier).

I'm putting my new sauna together, and the female end of the a.c. power cord does not fit into the cord in the floor of the sauna. Did I get the wrong power cord?

No. These two cords do not connect to each other. They both plug into the sauna power supply on the front panel.

One of the items in the accessory box that came with my sauna is a small plastic bag with two flat metal parts in it. what are these for?

These are the release “keys” for removing the radio/CD-player, in the unlikely event the player’s fuse needs to be replaced.


How do I connect my device to the bluetooth in my bt-cl unit?

a) Turn the sauna on.

b) To Use the AUX Audio System: Connect one end of the included AUX cable to the desired mobile device. Connect the other end of the cable to the sauna’s AUX jack, located on the back wall of the sauna’s interior. Play the music or audio file within the mobile device. Volume control is adjusted by using the volume control of the mobile device.

c) To Use the Bluetooth Audio System: Open the Bluetooth menu on a mobile device that is equipped with a Bluetooth function. Search for new devices in the device’s Bluetooth menu. Select “SW468-SL” in the retrieved list and pair with it. Play the music or audio file within the mobile device. Volume control is adjusted by using the volume control of the mobile device. *Please Note: When the AUX cable is connected to the mobile device, Bluetooth will automatically disconnect.

The display says ‘lo’ when I turn my sauna on. does this indicate a problem?

No. It is normal for the display to read ‘LO’ until the sauna reaches 90 degrees.

The heater under the bench is not nearly as hot as the other heaters in the sauna. is this normal?

Yes. In most saunas the bench heater is a lower-power heater than the other heaters.

Do I need to let the sauna warm up before I get in?

That is a matter personal preference. Many people enjoy feeling the increasing warmth as the sauna heats, while others prefer the sauna to already be hot inside when they step into it.

I unplugged my sauna, and when I plugged it back in my radio display says ‘mw’ instead of ‘am’ and I can’t tune most of the am stations I could before. What happened?

Unplugging the sauna may have reset the radio to European tuning. Turn the radio on, then hold down the ‘BAND’ button. Release the button when you hear a beep and the display says ‘ EUROPE ‘. Press the button one time so the display reads ‘USA1’, then let the button go. Then press and hold down the button until it beeps again. Tuning for the standard AM broadcast band is now restored.


What should i do to keep my sauna clean inside?

Place towels on the bench and on the floor under the feet to prevent perspiration from staining the raw wood inside the sauna. Periodically wipe down the inside with a warm, damp (not wet) soft cloth, using only warm water. We do not recommend the use of any cleaning agents, as the wood inside can easily absorb stains and odors from these cleaners.

How can i remove perspiration stains from the sauna bench?

If, after a period of time, there is some staining on the bench or other wood inside the sauna, it can be easily removed by carefully sanding the affected area with a few strokes of fine-grit sandpaper.

I am going on a long vacation, and will not be using my sauna for several months. is there anything special I should do?

Unplug the sauna whenever it is not going to be used for an extended period of time. When you return, burn off any dust that has accumulated on the heaters by setting the time and temperature to their maximum settings and running the sauna for an hour before using it.

The reading light burned out in my sauna. what type of bulb should I replace it with?

120-volt saunas can use a standard 120-volt light bulb, rated at 60 watts maximum. 230-volt units require a 230-volt 60-watt bulb. Any bulb with a voltage rating from 210 to 250 volts will work, as long as it is rated at 60-watts or less. Do not attempt to replace a 230-volt bulb with a standard 120-volt light bulb. It will burn the bulb out immediately and possibly damage the sauna power supply.

Is it safe to put the chromotherapy remote in my sauna?

No. There is significant heat in the sauna that can cause the remote to malfunction or not work. Please keep outside of the sauna.

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