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Bluetooth Radio Troubleshooting Guide

Bluetooth Radio Troubleshooting Guide

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Here’s how to troubleshoot your infrared sauna’s Bluetooth radio


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1. Ensure that the devices that are being connected are within close proximity or about 5 feet from each other.

2. Hard reset your devices by powering them off and then turning them back on. When it comes to the CD player in the sauna, unplug your sauna from the wall and wait for 15 minutes before plugging the sauna back in. 

Sometimes a soft reset also works, by putting your phone into airplane mode and then turning it off a few seconds later.

3. Unpair the device from your phone’s Bluetooth and then rediscover it. 

4. Update your phone’s firmware (if available). Running the latest IOS or Android firmware is required for optimal performance and functionality. 

Customers may need to repeat these steps in order to achieve success.

If after 3 failed attempts, please fill out a support ticket.


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