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Almost all infrared sauna brands offer a limited lifetime warranty…but have you read the fine print? Health Mate feels this type of marketing is disingenuous and slimy.  

What’s a “limited lifetime warranty” really worth if they exclude everything?  

We hear horror stories daily from customers who purchased from some of the top brands out there. Don’t be a horror story. The chances of you finding a defect in workmanship or manufacturing after 1 year of ownership is almost impossible.  

Health Mate has decided to set the standard in ethics.

Your Tecoloy heaters come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. No questions asked. No other brand offers this.  

Our wood is “A” grade Canadian Red Cedar and comes with a 5 year warranty. However, like most luxury wood it will last 30+ years if cared for.  

Your power supply and patented controller come with a 5 year warranty. Our power supplies are commercial grade and unlike many brands are extremely well built and safe.


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