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Is the Sauna Safe for Children?

Is the Sauna Safe for Children?

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Understanding Children’s Safety in the Sauna

When looking for a great way to help enhance your physical and mental health, an infrared sauna is a sure bet.

But what about children? Is an infrared sauna something that can benefit kids just the same as an adult?

For those who own an infrared sauna and have children, it’s a normal thought to have. You want to make sure that your kids have a solid health foundation, but at the same time, you don’t want to risk anything happening to them.

Generally speaking, an infrared sauna is safe for boys and girls. However, there are many things to understand about the child and factors to keep in mind before even considering having your kids enter the sauna.

A child and her parents enjoying an infrared sauna.

How Do I Know if My Kids Are OK to Use the Sauna?

The following information is only intended as broad guidelines, and not a prescription or established rules.

Without knowing medical history, current, and past diet, toxic exposure, genetic patterns, height, weight, past, and present blood work results, including other relevant tests and significant details, we’d be remiss in writing a prescription or setting established rules for any child.

One of the most important things as a parent or adult is being able to understand the ins and outs of the child, knowing whether or not they are fit for the sauna. 


Sauna Guidelines to Follow for Kids


1. Age as a consideration


According to a study titled The Sauna and Children, mentioned that:

“In Finland sauna bathing by infants and children is guided by an empirically acquired parental understanding of the limits of safe heat “exposure”. Finnish children are rarely allowed into a sauna alone before they are 7 years old. Finnish parents observe the post sauna bathing behavior of their children, and this helps them to establish safe limits of exposure and avoid any adaptation problems.”


Additionally, Dr. Lawrence Wilson, author of Sauna Therapy – For Detoxification & Healing, suggests that:

“Young children do not sweat as well, and can easily become dehydrated.  For these reasons, I would avoid lamp sauna therapy with babies and children under 5 in most circumstances.”


It’s also been suggested that 8 years old is the age for when a child may start using the infrared sauna. This is because children under this age cannot regulate heat as efficiently, compared to an adult.

Again, it comes down to each child being different and understanding if their body can tolerate it.



2. Time Limitations


If using the sauna does deem to be safe for a young boy or girl, it’s not recommended to have the same amount of time as an adult. This is true especially when introducing the sauna to a child.

Begin the first sauna session by setting the temperature to 110 degrees, and getting in the sauna at 98 degrees while leaving the door open. Stay in for only 10 minutes.

Make sure to monitor the child when he or she leaves the sauna. Assuming the child feels fine for the next 24 hours, follow the same course the next day, but then close the door.

Assuming there are no adverse reactions after 24 hours this next time, increase the time by adding 2 minutes. 

Then, if there is no reaction after the next 24 hours, increase the temperature by 2 degrees.

The following day, if no reaction, increase time by 2 minutes.

Continue altering the temperature each day by a few degrees at a time until the sauna session is 30 minutes max and at a top temperature of 130 degrees.

The warm-up session, which begins at 98 degrees, is part of the 30-minute time limit. Remember to always have the child enter the sauna at 98 degrees, every time. 

Additionally, make sure to always adjust the time before adjusting the temperature.

If there are any adverse reactions, including light-headedness, being nauseous, or just a feeling of being uncomfortable, he or she may be detoxifying too quickly and should take some time away from the sauna.



3. Proper Supervision


When it comes to the nature of children and the environment of a sauna, accidents can happen.

Making sure that your kid(s), or the child understands proper etiquette including keeping their hands to themselves, not horsing around, and sitting down properly.

If these conditions aren’t meant, this may result in slips, falls, burns, or other bodily injuries. 

Teaching your kids and children that using a sauna is serious business and should not be taken lightly is crucial. 

They should know the machine needs to be respected due to the nature of the purpose it serves, and how it can be a place that can cause injury if the child is not acting accordingly.

Also, never let a child use the sauna on their own without the supervision of an adult. 



4. Hydration is Key


Before your kid or any children are to enter the sauna, make sure that they are hydrated. This is especially important because again, they cannot regular heat as efficiently as adults.

Make sure that they hydrate after the sauna as well to replenish and fluids they may have lost. 

One should always be drinking at least half of one’s weight in ounces of water every day.

In order to figure out how much you should be drinking, divide the weight of the person or child by two.

Also, pay attention to mineralization, especially calcium, magnesium and potassium.  These are the tri-salts, and we can’t live without them, and they are essential to a healthy detoxification.



5. Talk to the Child


During the sauna process and immediately afterward, make sure to check in on them and see how they feel. 

While it may be easy to see how they feel from looking at them, they might have some additional thoughts about their experience.

This may provide some other clues and insights into whether or not they enjoyed the sauna session.



These general rules and guidelines are important to follow to ensure that children who use the sauna are safe and to make sure the child is fit to use the sauna in the first place.


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