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My Sauna is Slow to Heat Up

My Sauna is Slow to Heat Up

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If you notice that your sauna is taking longer than normal to heat up to the desired temperature, there may be a few issues present. The good news is, that in many cases, you can fix this safely and easily.


How Long Does A Sauna Take to Heat Up?

The period of time from when the sauna is turned on until it reaches its internal desired temperature is called the warmup time. Saunas generally take 15 to 20 minutes to heat up.

If you are noticing that the sauna is slow to warm up is taking longer than 15 to 20 minutes to reach the desired temperature, continue reading and see if these issues are relevant to yours and how to fix them.


Reasons Why The Sauna May Be Taking Longer to Heat Up


1. Making Sure All Heaters Are Powering On

To check the heaters, turn your Health Mate sauna and set the time for 20 min and the temperature to 150 degrees. 

If your controller is in celsius, change it to Fahrenheit.  

Wait about 10 minutes and then place your hand over each heater. 

You should feel an even heat throughout all heaters, except your bench heater. Your bench heater produces lower temps due to lower wattage. 

If all heaters are turning on and you can feel all the heaters producing heat, the next variable to consider is the ambient temperature outside of your sauna.


2. Temperature Outside of the Sauna

Our testing and heat-up times are based on an average household temperature of 70 degrees. 

If your sauna is outside, in your garage, or a basement that doesn’t have an outside ambient temperature of 70 degrees, you can expect longer heat-up times. 

For example, if your sauna is in your garage and your garage is 50 degrees at the time of use, your sauna will have to warm the air approximately 10-20 minutes longer to reach the base temperature.

The base temperature for our line of saunas including the Renew Series, Enrich Series, and the Elevated/Therapy Lounge series is around the range of 110 to 120 degrees.


A base temperature chart for HealthMate saunas.

If your sauna is outside, here are a couple of tips that can help speed up the heat times.


1. Examine the Holes

There are two holes in your saunas floor that run cables for your heaters and controllers. 

One is in the front right, and the other is located under your bench near the red power supply. 

These holes were mandatory for safety and future replacement of wires if needed. You can plug these holes with a small hand towel to eliminate any cold drafts. 


2. Turn Off the Bench Heater

You can turn off your bench heater during warm-up. 

This will allow your main heaters to produce maximum heat. Once you have reached the temperature selected then you can turn the bench heater back on. 

In order to turn off your bench heater, the line should be lifted and then the circle should be pushed down.


If you are still experiencing issues with your sauna taking longer than normal to heat up, fill out a support ticket here so a technician can reach out and further assist you.


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