Outdoor Use

Outdoor Use

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Can you place your Health Mate sauna outside? Yes. However, the sauna needs to be either under a fully enclosed patio or you must purchase a cover. You can purchase a cover by clicking here or speaking with your salesman. Please read below for other considerations. 

Health Mate saunas are made with “A” grade Western Red Canadian Cedar, giving it an advantage over almost all other brands. We also chose not to design an all glass front due to heat loss, especially with saunas that will be placed outside, to read more please click here. We won’t sacrifice benefits for looks.  

When placing your Health Mate outside you do need to be made aware of some drawbacks.  

  1. Lifespan of sauna. While an outdoor cover can help protect the sauna, it is still outdoors and can be affected by the elements. Most common is snow, wind, humidity and natural disasters. Snow can build up and stain the wood under the cover. Wind can blow the sauna cover around and introduce elements. Humidity can lower the life expectancy of the controller and power supply. Just think of it as an automobile, if parked outside your paint won’t last near as long as if you were to park it in the garage.  
  2.  Warm up times. As discussed in this article the ambient temperature will have an effect on your warm up times. Our warm up testing was completed at room temperature of 70 degrees. If the outside ambient temperature is 50 degrees, you have to compensate warm up time for this drop in temperature.  
  3. Animals and Critters. These little guys tend to be drawn to heat in the colder months. A sauna outside is like finding a luxury home. Be aware that spiders, ants, mice, rats and other insects could potentially want to share your sauna. There are two holes in the floor of your sauna, one under the bench and one in the front right where you plug in your data cable and heater cables. Steel wool prevents most insects and a small hand cloth will prevent cold drafts. 


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