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GreenSmoothieGirl is proud to offer followers a special gift from the best infrared sauna company in the business, Health Mate Sauna.

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$350 Value

Dr. Z Approved 

Aromatherapy Cup

$60 Value

Cedar Backrest

$70 Value

I studied far infrared sauna treatment for detoxification for six months before I finally decided on a company and bought their sauna to test—long before recommending one to you. 

Your own sauna is a valuable tool to achieve health and vitality. Every heart disease, cancer, weight loss, or diabetic patient should own one and use it as often as possible, even daily! 


Loves her Health Mate Sauna 

One company positions itself as the “low EMF” manufacturer and, in fact, has really high-end design detailing in their saunas. Others are inexpensive but have high EMF and have other toxicity problems. (For instance, glue in the wood might not seem like a big deal, but it is, when the whole point of your sauna experience is to detox, and that toxic glue will be seriously off-gassing at 155 degrees!) I even researched the difference between ceramic and carbon heaters vs Tecoloy.  You won't find a heater better than Tecoloy in the sauna business. 

My Therapy Lounge

I fell in love with the therapy lounge and the fold out adjustable bench.  It's one of Health Mate's larger models so you need to have room and the right electrical but it's worth it. There's so many heaters in this model that anywhere you sit you are getting the full benefit of infrared heat.  

I love to move the bench up and sit back and relax while my body heals.  This is one investment in your health that is worth every penny.  

There are many smaller models available, in fact I am getting another smaller one for my new home.  Request your exclusive pricing and free gifts below to see all the models available at Health Mate Sauna. 

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