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A Home Infrared Sauna: Relaxation (and More) When You Want

Amanda 09/13/19
home infrared sauna

A home infrared sauna allows you to use a sauna whenever you want. There’s no waiting in line, there’s no travel or parking, you don’t have to sit around other people (unless you want to) – it is entirely, utterly yours. As you might imagine, this is possibly the best way to relax after a…

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What an Infrared Sauna Really Provides

Amanda 09/07/19
infrared sauna

The name “infrared sauna” can be a bit confusing at first. All it means is that the sauna uses infrared technology for heat. This tech offers quite a few health benefits that other heating options simply don’t. Here at Health Mate Sauna, we have our own patented infrared technology, called “Tecoloy.” We created it because…

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The Benefits of Good Health Saunas

Amanda 09/01/19
good health saunas

When we say we offer “good health saunas,” that has multiple definitions. Yes, it means that the saunas we offer are designed to provide your body with better health. Rather than the food heat plants (which many so-called “infrared spas” actually use), ours use genuine, infrared lights. These give you all of the health benefits…

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What is an Infrared Sauna and How Can it Help You?

Amanda 08/19/19
Infrared Sauna

Have you ever sat in a sauna in a hotel or some other luxurious location and thought: “I’d love to enjoy something like this in my home?” If you have (and why wouldn’t you), you might’ve dismissed that thought quickly, believing it too expensive or otherwise unfeasible. However, that’s not entirely true. A sauna doesn’t…

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Can Infrared Saunas Actually Help You Live a Healthier Life?

Amanda 08/10/19
Infrared Sauna

The health benefits of infrared saunas and general sauna therapy have long been discussed by the medical community, with a lot of studies carried out on the matter in the last few decades alone. A lot of the benefits of saunas and infrared sauna technology are still being researched and confirmed, but their recurring use…

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