Manufacturing for 40 Years


No other brand can make the same claim.  Health Mate has been building infrared saunas longer than anyone else.  In fact, Health Mate was and still is an OEM manufacture for many of the same brands you have most likely looked into.

Our factory is over 250,000 square feet and is capable of producing over 2,000 infrared saunas per month.

Since our inception in 1979 Health Mate has produced over 200,000 infrared saunas.

Five Stage Quality Control

Many manufacturers are lucky to have one stage of quality control, Health Mate has five.  With 40 years experience building infrared saunas we have made many advancements in manufacturing, one of which is quality control.

With fives stages of quality control you can rest assured the sauna you purchase will be free of defects or malfunctioning components.  There’s no other sauna brand that is more confident than us when it comes to quality control.  40 years will have that affect.

Factory Certifications