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Immune System

Immune System
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We as humans are always looking to improve ourselves and wellbeing & enhance our bodies. One of the most common actions that we look to do for our bodies is boosting our immunity. Having a strong immune system helps prevent us from various issues including getting sick, preventing infections, always feeling tired, and having digestion issues.


The ways in which we go about boosting our immune system also varies. Some people opt for exercise, which is a great immunity booster, while others focus on their diet, take vitamins, get enough sleep, and stay hydrated. In fact, all of these should be incorporated into one’s daily routine in order to live happily and healthily. 


However, there is another method that many may overlook when it comes to helping our bodies thrive. This method is using a near-infrared sauna.

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What is a Near Infrared Sauna?

A near-infrared sauna is a sauna with heaters that emits short infrared wavelengths that penetrate the superficial layer of the skin, between 0.76 and 1.5 microns on the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of the benefits of near-infrared include mitochondria stimulation, anti-inflammatory processes, raising core body temperature to accelerate weight loss, and rejuvenation of the skin.


Health Mate offers what are called full-spectrum infrared saunas, whereas those incorporate not only near infrared, but mid and far infrared. These three differentiators of infrared all emit different wavelengths. Near infrared being the type where it penetrates the most superficial layer of the skin, mid penetrating deeper, and far penetrating the deepest.


Near-infrared saunas are also extremely safe. However, it depends where you purchase them from. Some manufacturers sell saunas that utilize heaters that are not the safest for the human body, similar to using a heat lamp used for keeping food warm. Our saunas utilize low EMF heaters & are some of the safest in the world.  


There have been debates on which wavelength is better for you, but it’s important to know that each wavelength has different effects and benefits because of how deep the wavelengths target the body internally. One is not better than the other, rather it’s about knowing which type of wavelength does what and what your goals are.

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What is the Difference Between Near and Far Infrared?

Infrared heat is a type of energy that is invisible to the naked eye, but we can feel it on our bodies as heat. This type of heat is also available in different forms. When looking at the electromagnetic spectrum, we see that infrared is made up of near, mid, and far-infrared.

Near-Infrared, as mentioned earlier, is a shorter wavelength than far-infrared that penetrates just below the surface of the skin and has its share of amazing benefits including joint and muscle pain relief, wound healing, and boosting the metabolism to name a few.

Far infrared uses light to create heat as opposed to other saunas that heat the air in the room to produce desired effects. ‘Far’ represents the longest wavelengths on the light spectrum. This kind of light penetrates the skin and body at the deepest cellular level. Some of the benefits of far infrared light include improving blood circulation, muscle relaxation, helping remove toxins, and weight loss.

Our Health Mate saunas utilize near, mid, and far-infrared in our full spectrum saunas as a way to provide a safe and healthy way to heal from the inside. 

Going In-Depth Into Enhanced Immunity

Overall, having a healthy immune system can be seen as the whole, while there are various parts that make up that result.

Immunity doesn’t just increase by improving only one aspect of daily life. While doing so is a great start, the combination of healthy habits including taking part in infrared sauna sessions, all work in conjunction and compliment one another.

Near infrared sauna use is one giant puzzle piece that makes up immunity as a whole. It’s one of the best ways to boost immunity because this type of heat has healing properties on the skin, the blood, and cells.

Some impacts of near infrared and the immunity include:

Immune Function from Heat

The heat from the infrared light also works to heat up your skin and increase your temperature, giving it a fever of sorts. The body reacts in the way that it would if it were to have a fever, which the immune system works to prepare the body for a virus or pathogen, and creates a less than desirable environment for the bad things to thrive in.

Aids with Anti-Aging

As people get older, their immune systems don’t function as well as they used to. Near infrared saunas help to combat this by working to keep the immune system optimal and helping to stimulate the mitochondria, (as we all know back from health class as the powerhouse of the cell) which has a positive impact on healing.

May Help Improve Life Expectancy

Since we see that the sauna helps with anti-aging, it may also aid in the bigger component of improving life expectancy, and keeping the heart healthy. A report from Jama Internal Medicine states: “Increased frequency of sauna bathing is associated with a

reduced risk of SCD, CHD, CVD, and all-cause mortality.

Further studies are warranted to establish the potential mechanism that links sauna bathing and cardiovascular health.”

Stress Relief

Stress is one of the biggest contributors of an unhealthy body and mind. Keeping the body relaxed as much as possible will help keep the immune system firing optimally and prevent sickness and other unwanted issues.

Improved Sleep

Not getting the required amount of sleep is dangerous for a number of reasons, including a weakened immune system. Taking part in sauna sessions helps to relax the body, and even balance out the circadian rhythm.

Additionally, s study from the School of Health and Biomedical Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, states that improved sleep from sauna use has resulted in positive psychological impact. The study states:

“The psychological impact of sauna bathing may be due to a combination of factors that include release of endorphins and other opioid-like peptides such as dynorphins, forced mindfulness, psychological stress reduction, relaxation, improved sleep, time out from busy life schedules, placebo effects, and other aspects of individual psychological and social interactions that likely occur around frequent sauna activity.”


Health Mate infrared saunas, in comparison to the other competitors in terms of safety and quality, our patented Tecoloy heating technology stands alone. Our patented Tecoloy heaters deliver a full 360 degrees of heat with as much as 40% deeper penetration, all with the fastest to temperature heating time.

If you’re looking to improve your immunity and health with a Full Spectrum infrared sauna that incorporates near, mid, and far infrared, Health Mate is your answer. Check out our infrared saunas for sale and contact us if you have any questions.

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