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Tecoloy™ Dual Wave Heaters: Simultaneous Mid & Far Infrared Light

No Other Heater Compares

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Our patented Tecoloy™ heater delivers 360 degrees of dual wave heat with up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater. Has the fastest to temperature heat time. Tecoloy™ is certified non-toxic and every heater comes with it’s own individual serial number.

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Sweat Fast with Tecoloy™

The hotter an object is, the more active its molecules are, and the more infrared energy it emits.

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“A Health Mate sauna is a perfect and safe solution for achieving detoxification, recovering after exercise and cutting weight. The heaters used are by far the best in the industry. I welcome anyone to find a better infrared sauna on the market.”

Dr. John Fitzgerald, a.k.a Blood Doc John

Emissivity of Tecoloy™

Using a spectrometer, our Tecoloy™ heaters produce 99.5% emissivity. Emissivity refers to the ability of a material to absorb and release energy in the form of infrared heat. The higher the emissivity the faster you sweat.

Tecoloy™ heaters produce much more heat per square inch of heating surface, therefore providing more valuable and beneficial infrared heat.

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Tecoloy™ Mid & Far Infrared

Introducing the new Tecoloy™ M series heater. Through many hours of R&D, Health Mate has created a heater capable of producing both mid and far infrared simultaneously.

Tecoloy™ M series is the only dual wave heater on the market that combines mid and far infrared utilizing high density heat. Don’t be fooled by low heat density heaters, like carbon.

The hotter an object is, the more active its molecules are, and the more infrared energy it emits.

The range of waves generated by the human body is 6 to 20 microns. The optimal micron output range is between 7.5 and 15 microns which is very close to the resonant frequency of a water molecule. This similarity makes sense since our bodies are almost 70% water.

The Tecoloy™ M series are tuned to accomplish both mid and the more beneficial far at 9.4 microns.

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